Greece Magical Island Private Tour

Price for a group of 2 people

On this Island Private Tour, you will visit the most famous places of Santorini and Mykonos. You will admire the extraordinary beauty of white houses above the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea!


8 days


English, Spanish, French German, Italian


Experience the highlights of Ancient Athens

Feast your senses into Santorini’s blue and white villages, Oia and Fira far finer than even the photos suggest

Discover the mystical remains on the island of Delos, the mythologized birthplace of Apollo

Explore the whitewashed Cycladic maze of Hora, the chic main town on Mykonos island


Day 1

Day 1: Athens – Arrive and enjoy your first day in Greece

Athens radiates history and culture at its core in a country considered the cradle of Western Civilization. Ruins of both Greek and Roman development continue to decorate the city center. Byzantine mosaics decorate churches and museums with gilded allure. Your private transfer is waiting at the airport upon your arrival.

Then, enjoy a luxury Ancient Greek bath and massage in an amazing place. Travel through time and experience the unique experiential experience of spa therapy in Ancient Greece using unique miracle materials and raw materials used by the ancients.

Continue with a romantic dinner while you admire the view of the Acropolis

Guide me in Greece tours - Athens private tour

Day 2

Day 2: Mykonos – Transfer to the Stunning Island of Mykonos by High-Speed Ferry

After breakfast, your private transfer escorts you to the port where you board a high-speed ferry across the Aegean to the island of Mykonos. The cobalt blue water splashes alongside the ferry. Islands drift past the windows with rugged shorelines and quaint homes overlooking small fishing boats. When you reach the port at Mykonos, you find your private transfer waiting.

Buildings shimmer white underneath the Mediterranean sun. Doors and shutter windows are painted blue. Your private transfer leads you to your fabulous accommodation. Sun beds stretch along the sand. The aroma of fresh grilling seafood blends with the sea breeze. The Aegean Sea has a particular shimmer that layers the water with ranges of color from cobalt to turquoise.

On this day we can arrange to visit a beach bar and enjoy the Aegean sea. Also later we can book two seats for you in a beautiful bar and watch the sunset and at the same time they play live music.

mykonos private tour

Day 3

Day 3: Mykonos – Discover Delos Island

Firstly, take our Explore Ancient Delos Private Tour to arrive on Delos – the birthplace of two ancient Greek gods, Apollo and Artemis. Follow in the footsteps of our expert guide on a journey through time and vibrant history. Thus, wander through the valley dotted with the ruins of the ancient city.

Next, walk along the Sacred Way that leads to the sanctuary of Apollo. Time seems to have stood still there. Marvel at the stone lions which guard the Sacred Lake where Apollo, the god of light and music, was born. In addition, discover the statue of Isis proudly situated among the columns. Admire the façade of the temple dedicated to her rising above the ruins. Similarly, enjoy the atmosphere in the house of Dionysus and prepare to be amazed at the still-standing mural which depicts the god riding a leopard.

Finally, our Delos private tour culminates in the archaeological museum to visit the timeless treasures of Delos alongside our knowledgeable guide!

delos private tour

Day 4

Day 4: Mykonos – Enjoy the Island’s Culture with a Day at Leisure

In the morning, you can relax at breakfast underneath the rising sunlight and listen to the lapping waves on the nearby beach. After breakfast, the day is yours to indulge in the wonders of Mykonos as you please, whether soaking in the sand and sun or strolling through the labyrinthine streets of Mykonos town.

You can also enjoy some amazing beach bars.

In the evening, enjoy a candlelit meal in a beautiful restaurant.

Guide me in Greece tours - Mykonos


Day 5

Day 5: Santorini – Travel by High-Speed Ferry to the Famous Island of Santorini

In the morning, you have a beautiful view overlooking Mykonos Town and the picturesque windmills at the edge of town. A stone arch frames the marina below. After breakfast, your private transfer escorts you to the harbor to catch your high-speed ferry to the island of Santorini. When you arrive in Santorini, the rugged cliffs wrap around the water in a crescent. Your private transfer greets you at the port and leads you up the winding road and through the main town of Thira, to settle into your luxurious hotel near the town of Oia.

Santorini is everything you thought it would be. The buildings are painted white to help keep the interior cool in the Mediterranean sunlight. The windows and rooftops are painted bright blue. Villages rise up the craggy bluffs overlooking the sea. Your sensational hotel provides you with a comfortable suite and a rooftop pool where you can bask in the panorama of the Aegean and the island. You can see Thira to the left, the zigzagging buildings of Oia to the right, and below the hotel, you find the waves of the Aegean Sea crashing against the precipice.

Day 6

Day 6: Santorini – Wine Tour

In the morning, you delight in the panoramic view from the rooftop. Tables provide a perfect space to nibble on breakfast pastries or an omelet, sip your Greek coffee, and listen to the waves. The multi-colored cliffs of the island rise to nearly 985 feet above sea level, towering over the sunken caldera.

First of all, our private tour leads you to a unique & high-quality winery. There you can taste the local varieties of Assyrtiko or Mavrotragano. Although these varieties are almost extinguished from the face of the earth, they managed to survive only here, on Santorini.

On the whole, gain an insider’s perspective when you visit Santorini alongside our passionate guide. Finally, make your trip a truly authentic travel experience!  Don’t miss out on watching how the locals live!

A romantic dinner with an amazing view will wait for you.

santorini private wine tour

Day 7

Day 7: Santorini – Half-Day Sailing semi-private excursion to indulge in the Beauty of Santorini

At breakfast, you indulge in the boutique aesthetic of your hotel overlooking the million-dollar view. The remainder of the day is yours to relish the island at your preferred pace.

Your private transfer meets you in the early afternoon, escorting you from Oia to the Vlychada port. You board a 40-foot catamaran and set out into the Aegean.

The skipper casts the sail, and it flutters in the breeze. Water mists into the air and splashes against your cheeks. Your guide points out the 19th-century lighthouse on the cliff above. It is the oldest lighthouse in Greece. You reach Red Beach, known for the color of the sediment surrounding the pebbled stretch of beach emanating from the bluff. The crystal-clear water makes for a perfect place to enjoy a swim. You can see down to the ocean floor. You could spend all day in the refreshing warm sea.

Your tour takes you to the White Beach and lets you bask in the hot springs located in the caldera where the temperature can increase more than 40 degrees Fahrenheit than the surrounding sea. Your guide weighs anchor with a view of the black rocks jutting out of the water. The rocks are cooled magma from the most recent volcanic eruption in the 1950s. The aroma of grilled calamari with fresh squeezed lemon simmers in the gentle breeze.

Later we can organize a beautiful romantic dinner.

Day 8

Day 8: Santorini – Depart for Home

In the morning, the windmills in Oia reflect the expanding light of the rising sun. Fishing boats sway in the soft wake of the small marina below Oia. On your final morning on Santorini, you can delight in breakfast in your room, taking advantage of the luxuries of your suite one last time. You have come to find the rich flavor and foamy layer of your morning Greek coffee comforting. The collection of sweet and savory treats at breakfast could satisfy any desire.

After breakfast, your private transfer meets you at the hotel and escorts you to the Santorini National Airport. It is a short flight to Athens where you will board your connecting flight and make your way home.


Private transfers from/to airport/ports to/from hotels Athens, Santorini, Mykonos
Tours in the archaeological site of Delos and Santorini winery
Semi-private sailing tour in Santorini (lunch included and drinks)
Entrance fees
Arrange restaurants and bars
Ferry tickets
24/7 Support
All taxes
Gratuities (optional)
Personal expenses

The U.S. Ambassador

said about Guide Me in Greece:

We, hands down, had the best vacation we have ever had in our entire lives and will never forget it. Your involvement was crucial and was the most fitting solution to the gap of us being overseas in the United States, not knowing the area or infrastructure of Greece. We are so glad that you were our assisstant’s leaning post in planning the perfect trip.

Alfred Hoffman

Ambassador of the United States of America

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I highly, highly recommend this company for your visit to Santorini. Our guide was Eugene and she was FABULOUS!
Rhonda C
Cannot say enough about this tour and how much fun we had! We were 4 couples that have been friends for years. Our tour guide, Zoi, was so knowledgable, yet very interesting and fun. The tour ended with a “light” lunch and Zorba dancers! It was so much fun! Opa!!
Matthieu G
since ruins are not very talkative, we improvised last minute to book a private guide with GuideMe in Greece… this was the best choice ever !! easy process, reliable, we had a great experience and enjoyed how knowledgable our guide was ! highly Recommended !

Greece Magical Island Private Tour


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