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We are a small Greece-loving team dedicated to making your visit to our beautiful country a unique experience. We want you to completely absorb the culture, beauty, flavors and excitement of Greece.

We offer high quality of services, friendly and expert guides, easy and safe booking and both private and small group tours that can be customized to ensure that you have an unforgettable time in Greece.

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Founder & co-Owner

As an archaeologist and a tour guide I believe ancient Olympia is a place which marks you forever. When I was a child, I used to play among the ruins of ancient Olympia and imagined what the ancient Greeks and ancient buildings looked like. That was the cause of loving ancient Greece, culture and art. I made a lot of excavations in Greece for a few years, discovering archaeological findings from every era. Even if Olympia is known as the birthplace of the Olympic Games, it has also uncountable beauties for travelers to discover. It is my pleasure when travelers are full of joy and knowledge at the end of my tour.

Interests: Drawing, Art, Free diving, Travelling, Fishing


Licensed tour guide & archaeologist

Born and raised in Athens, couldn’t do differently but fall in love with the city that is considered the cradle of the western civilization. After studying its history, decided to share it with travelers, coming from all the ends of the world. Between Archaeology and tourist guiding, studied Culinary Art, that widened and enhanced the knowledge on the past and modern everyday life of the locals.
Gods, heroes, common people, food, pleasure, politics, emotions..all blend in, waiting for you to explore them in this so called “mosaic“ city!

Interests: Drawing, Traveling, Running, Cooking


Licensed tour guide & archaeologist

Hi everyone! My name is Alexis ! I studied History and Archaeology in the National University of Athens. Later I moved in my mother’s birthplace, Ancient Olympia, where I worked as an archaeologist. That was a landmark in my life, because I learned how it is to live in the countryside, to feel the calmness, understand the union of all things that surrounds you, from the stars to the soil you step on. Since then, I have worked as a Tour Guide mostly in Anc. Olympia and Athens, where I live now.

Interests: History, Archaeology, Photography, Playing Music, Cycling and much more!


Licensed tour guide & archaeologist

I welcome you to the Aegean Sea, I welcome you to Santorini. I am a tour guide and I offer tours all over the island of Santorini. I studied archaeology and journalism and I participated in dozens of excavations in Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Greece. I am also a member of the Association of the Italians Sommeliers as I followed wine tasting studies in Florence, Tuscan. In addition to the obvious sights that everybody needs to see on Santorini, modern Santorini has numerous beautiful spots that we will explore together during our tour.

Interests: Art, Wine, Travelling, Ancient religions


Licensed tour guide & archaeologist

I studied Archaeology and History in the National University of Athens and I have also participated in excavations around Greece. Moreover, my perennial experience in the Acropolis archaeological area brought me in immediate daily contact with its monuments and revealed all their secrets to me! Born to be a storyteller today I work as a tour guide. On my tours l make good use of my innate impulse to communicate my knowledge as well as my love for the Greek monuments and their history passionately and enthusiastically to people , especially the monuments of Athens which is my birthplace.

Interests: Drawing, Traveling, Running, Cooking


Licensed tour guide

Hi! I’m Ifi. I was born in Naoussa, a small town in the north part of Greece, next to one of the most famous places in the world, the school of Aristotle and the first capital of the Macedonians, Vergina. I studied history and archaeology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece, and hold a MA in Museology and Cultural Management from the same University. I am a licensed tourist guide from the Ministry of Tourism, and I am working as a tourist guide since 2013. It’s a pleasure for me to meet new people from all over the world and share with them the history and the myths of my beautiful country. Delos is one of my favorite archaeological sites and I am sure that will be also yours.

Interests: Singing, history


Licensed tour guide & historian

I am Marika, born in 1984. I have studied archaeology and I have a master’s degree in Byzantine archaeology. After my studies, it did not take me long to realize that my real passion is to be a tourist guide in my country and introduce you to the past and present of this beautiful part of the world. When I am not guiding you in Greece, you will find me dancing Greek folk dances.

Interests: Dancing, walking, traveling, Art


Licensed tour guide

I am a native Santorinian, I have deep knowledge of its history, culture, traditions and my joy is to share this with you in a lighthearted and friendly way. But my true love for Santorini is what stimulates me to do my job with passion and sense of responsibility. A passionate traveller myself when I travel abroad, I love to interact with the locals. During our tour, my aim is for you to have the same experience so as to discover my island’s beauties and history, while you immerse into the real culture and feel the experience as a real local.

Interests: Photography, Reading


Licensed tour guide and archaeologist

Since I can remember myself, I was always fascinated by ancient cultures and civilizations. I graduated from Athens’s university as an archaeologist. I speak fluently English and French. I worked for Olympic Airways for a few years. I soon came to realize that guiding the visitors through the beautiful landscape, the myths and the history of Greece was far more important than just booking their tickets. So now as a licensed tour guide, I am looking forward to welcoming you in this beautiful country.

Interests: Cooking, Music


Licensed tour guide and historian

Hi! I am Joanna and I am licensed tourist Guide and historian. I grew up in Ancient Olympia , close to the most important sanctuary for the ancient Greeks. The birthplace of ancient Olympic Games inspired me and gave the power to study ancient Greek history in the university of Athens. I enjoy meeting new people and giving them the heartbeat of my fascinating country.

Interests: History, Mythology. Reading


Licensed tour guide and archaeologist

I have studied law and then history and archeology in the National University of Athens. Being a guide and introducing the great Greek monuments to visitors is filing me with pleasure and satisfaction as I can combine both passions, history and traveling. Every time is like guiding for the first time because the interaction with people and their willingness to learn about the Greek history is making every tour a unique experience. I am guiding mostly in ancient Olympia but also all over Peloponnese and in Athens.

Interests: Traveling, sports, reading


Licensed tour guide and historian

Born in Athens. A natural urge to learn languages from an early age and the curiosity to study the cultures reflected through languages lead to a crucial choice : studies on Greek language, literature, ancient Greek and history. Then a great revelation and an exciting specialisation came along, Linguistics. Later, a calling from Spain ‘s Barcelona and a master ‘s degree in Cognitive Science and Language opened a new window to the world and the understanding of the Mind as well! Many travels, other paths and destinations have occured ever since, travelling makes my world go round. But my home is Corfu, green and peaceful, majestic, culturally radiant, sufficient and complete. This is where I have decided to share my knowledge and love for understanding the people´s cultures and languages, working as a teacher and as a tour guide.

Interests: books, theatre, music, travelling, yoga, capoeira, snowboard


Licensed tour guide and archaeologist

A genuine love for the arts, the ancient civilizations as well as adventure motivated me to study Archaeology and History of Art and participate in several excavations around Greece. The need to share my passion and knowledge drove me towards teaching. In tour guiding my restless soul found at last the challenge and the fulfillment it was seeking. The joy of meeting new people, of guiding them through the fascinating history and culture of Greece and of sharing with them stories, myths and secrets of this amazing land is unparalleled. My biggest reward is the huge smiles I see on the travelers’ faces and their longing to come back to Greece.

Interests: Traveling, Food tasting, Yoga, Dancing, Playing the drums


Licensed tour guide & historian

I studied History and Archaeology at the University of Ioannina, while the last semester of my studies was at the University of Versailles. When I returned to Greece, I worked as a teacher and at the same time, I studied sign language. Nevertheless, my love for the history of Greece, its myths as well as travelling is huge. Therefore, I look forward to guiding you to ancient Olympia, because as Martin Buber said “all journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware”. Ancient Olympia is such a destination, since it constitutes an amalgam of snap-shots regarding the Olympic history!

Interests: Travelling, Books, Drawing, Gymnastics – boxing


Licensed tour guide & Art historian

I am Elizabeth, I studied archaeology in Athens and then I moved to France to pursue a Master’s degree in museology and modern art history. I am a city lover and I still share my time between Paris and Athens. Travelling defines my way of living and I am grateful for having the opportunity to share my passion for culture with other wanderers.We can discover together various archaeological sites and lovely spots of the city of Athens.

Interests: Gastronomy, Oenology, Jazz, Cinema



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